Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meet Kyoshi!

Kyoshi is a brindle Akita who is about one year old. His owners describe him as "very playful and energetic," and I have to agree! Kyoshi loves to tear it up here at the Fort. Kyoshi likes to be petted and rubbed (especially on his chest) but he definitely prefers running and playing to anything that requires sitting still.

Today he made great friends with a black German Shepherd named Maggie. They were the first two here this morning and despite their age difference of almost four years, they started playing happily straight away, and didn't stop for quite a while! Here's a clip of their non-stop action:

Have a good weekend, everybody!


PS: We have scheduled the next Basic Obedience class here at the Fort. Check out the Training section of our website for more details!

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