Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bear & Lulu

Bear came in for his assessment Tuesday morning and I must say, he had a blast! Bear is an eight year old chocolate lab/mix that weighs sixty five pounds and has the energy of an energetic puppy. He came in here a little shy, but once we introduced him to our  Medium Dog Program he met Frankie, a red Labradoodle that's about a year old. They instantly bonded with each other; those two played and played like they've been friends for years. It was cool to see Bear keep up and play with a dog that's so much younger than him. Check out the clips below to see those two in action!

This gorgeous girl joined us bright and early this morning with her tail all curly like a cinnamon bun, and her nose to the ground; she was very curious and eager to explore her new daycare. When I first saw Lulu she melted my heart. She's as soft as velvet and reminds me of a little mini Husky. She's actually a Shiba Inu that weighs sixteen pounds and is one year old. Lulu showed wonderful dog speak as she entered our Small Dog Program. She scoped out the area, and became familiar with her new pack as she mingled around, sniffing everything and wagging her tail. 

I think Bear and Lulu will get a lot out of coming here for daycare. They're both happy, energetic dogs and I'm looking forward to seeing them again. 

Have a good night,

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