Wednesday, June 8, 2016


 We assessed another Goldendoodle yesterday morning. Meet, Tanner! He's a spunky ten month old, that weighs fifty five pounds. Tanner walked into our Large Dog Program with lots of curiosity. He was very eager in wanting to scope out the place and meet all of his new daycare buddies. Once he became more familiar of his new surroundings, he was ready to get his play on! He particularly fell in love with one of  The Fort's regulars, Sage.We were lucky enough to capture the two playing one on one together, check it out below!

I enjoyed watching Sage and Tanner romp around. They're such an odd match- but I think that's why they fit together so well. Tanner is welcome to come back anytime he wants, we're excited to see him soon and I'm sure his new girlfriend pup will be as well! Lol

 Have a great night



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