Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Leroy & Bruno

Today we met Leroy, a 1.5 yr old 70-pound lab. Leroy came into Fort Fido curious with his nose working 'round the clock. I noticed as he began to socialize with the other dogs that he was making friends and got too excited a couple of times. The rest of the pack helped to calm him down throughout his time here and he made some lasting connections today.

Yesterday we welcomed Bruno. Bruno is an 8 year-old, 5-pound chihuahua. He slowly entered into the small roll curious and met the other pack members. I saw that Bruno mingled about taking his time meeting the other pups. He seemed content after snuggling up next to his new doggie friends. I think that Bruno would enjoy some more socialization.

We look forward to having Leroy and Bruno return.

Have a nice afternoon,
- Zach

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