Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Majestic Jac

Today we welcomed Jac. Jac is a 12-pound 5 month-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy (not to be mixed with the Cardigan Welsh Corgi which has a tail). He came in excited as to what was going to happen as we took him into The Fort. After he entered the medium roll, he began socializing and having lots of fun. Jac was able to relax during nap time. We were able to catch a couple of videos of Jac with Shiva and Augie among others. Check 'em out!

Jac and Shiva snugglin' up

Jac spinning around with Augie :)

We look forward to having Jac return for some more fun times!
Have a nice evening,
- Zach

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