Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lucy & Sherman

Yesterday morning I had the privilege of meeting Lucy. Lucy is a 2 year-old 50-pound Australian Shepherd Mix. I noticed that she had a young and playful aura about her so we had her start out in the medium roll where she played around and socialized with the rest of the pack. Take a peek at the video we caught of Lucy, Walter, and Petey.

Sherman entered The Fort for his assessment today. Sherman is a 10 month-old, 75-pound, labradoodle. He was cautious as he first entered the large roll but I noticed that as more dogs came he began to socialize and relax. After a few more dogs entered, Sherman began to play with Brix and let loose his inner fun as part of the pack. Watch the clip below. =)

Stay warm,
- Zach

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