Friday, June 19, 2015

Cano & Charlie

Yesterday we Assessed the kindly Cano here at The Fort. He is a one year old, thirty-five pound, cream colored, Labradoodle. Cano came in Chipper and happy to be here. We escorted him to the Medium Roll, where he entered without a care. After sniffing around a bit, we had him begin to meet the pack. Cano first met up with Jupiter, and within seconds, the two dogs became playmates! It is quite clear that Cano is no stranger to canine communication and socialization. He is already a Dog Daycare Veteran, as he attended another Daycare in the past as a pup. Cano was an absolute pleasure to have in here, we hope he becomes one of our regulars!

Checkout Cano in action with Jupiter.

This morning the Fort Fido Team had, Charlie, in for his Assessment Day. Charlie is a three year old, thirteen pound, Miniature Poodle Mix. This cute little fella jaunted with us upstairs to the Little Roll. Inside, he explored his new found surroundings with his nose to the ground. Once he got settled, it was time for Charlie to meet the other canines... Which he did pleasantly. Charlie had no problems fitting in with the play group and having a good time. When "Ball Time" started, Charlie loved it. He chased after the thrown toys, and really enjoyed pursuing the pack as they chased after toys. We are pleased that Charlie had a nice time here today. He is most welcome anytime.

First-rate jobs Cano and Charlie, way to be!

Enjoy your weekend, and have fun at The Open if you attend.


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