Thursday, June 25, 2015


This morning we Assessed Hardy. He is a one year old, eighty-three pound, Mastiff Mix, that is chock full of life! The Happy-Hardy, burst into our Big Roll, ready to get his game on. We first introduced him to Nevada, and the two got along very well together. As the morning progressed, Hardy met several other pack members, communicating with them properly and coaxing many of them into play. Hardy really took a liking to, Harley, among several others... Harley and Hardy tore it up, playing fast and furiously about the play area. We are happy that Hardy enjoyed his time here at The Fort, he's one that can get a lot out of Dog Daycare here, and we're stoked that it's a fit. Good on ya Hardy boy!

Checkout these clips of Hardy having a grand time.

Watch as Miss Nevada monitors Hardy and Harley's play. Very cool. She doesn't want them getting too rowdy lol. At times, it is amazing how much the pack can take care of it's self and make our jobs easier. We don't do all the work! ;)



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