Wednesday, June 3, 2015


In all the years Fort Fido has been around (nine), we've had some very large canines stay with us. Oddly enough however, we've never had in the large iconic breed, popularly known for being a rescuer and comedian, the Saint Bernard, until now... Yesterday we got to Assess Chester. He is a one year old, 110 pound, St. Bernard. Lucky for us, Chester, was a pleasure to have in The Fort's Big Roll. We didn't run into him acting out any "Beethoven-esque" antics with the pack lol. He spoke very good "Dog" for a young adult canine, and really enjoyed his time spent here. Chester made friends with the other dogs within minutes of meeting them. Although he's a dog of very large stature, he is quite gentle and doesn't play too hard. Chester will be a lovely addition to our Big Roll pack, and we hope to see him regularly. Well done Chester, you are a fine specimen of your breed, it was cool to finally meet one of ya.

Here, Chester gets a bit of fun in with Shep.

Take it easy,


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