Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pippa & Paddington

Yesterday morn The Fort's crew met up with Pippa for her Assessment. She is a very sweet, one year old, sixty pound, Golden Retriever. Pippa wasn't sure what to make of the Big Roll at first... However, after some time passed, she settled right in with the pack. Pippa communicates with other canines well, and although she didn't play on her "first day", you can tell that she wanted to. Given some time and consistency, we believe that Pippa can relax more, and have an even better time here at Fort Fido.

Today we Assessed the springy-pup Paddington. She is a seven month old, 51 pound, Bernese Mountain Dog and Standard Poodle Mix. Happy and full of energy, Paddington bounded into the lobby and then into our Big Roll Play Area. There, she sniffed and jaunted about, exploring the place curiously. After a little while, it was time to begin to meet the pack. For a young canine, Paddington, did a pretty darn good job of "meeting and greeting" with the other dogs. She would get excited as each Fort Fido Member arrived, wagging her tail in delight. Paddington is here to continue learning how to play, and hone her canine communication skills. We know that she can get a lot out of Dog Daycare at The Fort. Rest up Paddington, we'll see ya again soon.

In the following clip, Paddington, takes on several of the Big Roll's Veterans lol. Way to go girl!

Take it easy,


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