Friday, September 30, 2011

Kumpi Shipment Day

Our multi-ton Kumpi shipment was finally delivered today, woo-hoo!

The shipping container we use has been amazing for storage/protection. Another new tool that has been worth it's weight in gold (and mind you, it's heavy lol) is a custom loading ramp we had Grainger build for us. No more hand-stacking with this baby, thank god, the pallet jack can now roll right up the ramp and into the shipping container with a few hefty pushes. Hooray!

What used to take three people an hour or so is now taking two people twenty minutes, good show guys! :)

Warning, Kumpi Plug Time:

We have a huge number of dogs thriving off of Kumpi Dog Food. We can't recommend it enough. Do your pet a favor, educate yourself (visit the website or call the president, Evy, directly 303-693-6533) about their nutrition and get them on Kumpi. It's all about the health of the dogs and quality ingredients. It's trully the science of nutrion and not the "hype". Also, they have never had a recall, ever! It's a company you can trust and that is why we are on board with them.

Have a nice weekend,

P.S. Here is a link to a great Kumpi fan site Kumpi Love, check it out and just in case you missed Hopes great article on Dog Food here that is... President/Owner of Kumpi, Evy, loved Hope's article so I'll say it again, too cool!

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