Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary...

To us lol! I hope y'all had a nice Labor Day Weekend and took it easy. Sunday the fourth marked Fort Fido's Fifth Anniversary. Wow, five years in the business happened so fast, it has been nothing short of amazing. We look forward to the next five years, we will be doing our very best to continue being the premier Dog Daycare facility of the South Sound. Special thanks to our wonderful customers, there is no way we could have made it this far without you! Over 500 dogs have passed through our doors to date, incredible! Thanks to the many of you that have been with us since the beginning. It has been a treat watching your pups grow into healthy dogs over the years. One more thanks to my business partners and parents (David and Nancy), my, what we have accomplished together, I'm quite proud of you both. Ok I lied, one more thanks... Thank you to the Fort Fido Staff! In particular, Hope, Gary, Austin & Matt. Keep up the good work, you guys rock!

In other Fido news... Basic Obedience and Leadership class with Garrett Stevens starts tonight, we'll see you at 7:15 PM, don't be late ;).

I spent the weekend with The Band playing in the Ellensburg Rodeo Parade as well as the Roslyn Parade. It was a blast, for some reason we are treated like rockstars out there lol... It's standing room only everywhere you turn, especially in the pubs. Here are just two of the 190 photos that were on my camera.

Cheesin w/ new stache styling

This cute pooch's vest said "Adopt me". There were a handful of rescue-dog-organizations involved with the two parades.

For our five year anniversary present, we bought ourselves a Viper... That's a new floor scrubber by the way, not to be confused with the sports car hahaha.

Have a great day, stay cool this week!


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