Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Zodiac

Meet Zodiac (What an excellent name!), he is a studly, one year old, seventy-five pound, German Shepherd that had his assessment early this morning. Zodiac's owners are having some training difficulties with him however he is a really neat dog regardless. In our Big Roll pack he did very well, spoke great dog for a youngin, played and all in all had a good time. He is welcome back anytime. As far as his training issues are concerned, we refereed his owners to the highly-skilled dog trainer Garrett Stevens (Alpha & Omega Dog Training). We hope some follow through and consistency, along with Garrett's guidelines, will help Zodiac and his owners communicate better.

That darn "Dog Training"... It should be called "People Training", that is it's true definition. Often times, it is a lot of hard work and barely fun (not always, it can be fun too, I'm mainly refereeing to the humble beginnings) but once you see some baby-steps towards results it can be amazing.

Bonding with your pet, while communicating with them properly and getting results, it can't be beat as far as convivial experiences go.


Take it easy,

P.S. Here is a quick clip of Zodiac's first few moments with Marco Polo, as you can see, it was awesome!

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