Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Take a peek at the fun

This first clip is of Bella the Great Dane, and Louis the Olde English Bulldogge. They may not look like a "matched" pair, but the two of them are great buddies here at daycare.

Trevor, a Bull Terrier mix, was tearing it up in the medium roll. I caught a clip of him playing with Soffee, a French Bugon (a mix of French Bulldog, Pug, and Boston Terrier)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog featuring Christmas pictures of several Fort Fido pups. If you haven't brought in a Christmas/Santa picture, and you would like it to be on the blog, it isn't too late! You can e-mail the pictures, or bring in a copy for us to scan tonight or tomorrow morning, and we'll make sure to include it.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Thanks for your continued support of everybody here at Fort Fido.


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