Monday, December 20, 2010

Clips and some new news

There was all kinds of fun to be had this morning!

In this first clip, baby Boxer Stella and Rat Terrier mix Koji tore it up! Though very different in age, they are almost exactly the same size.

Here, Abby the Goldendoodle wants to play with Happy, a Samoyed, and she won't take no for an answer!

Upstairs, we saw brothers Buster and Smokey playing with a fiesty little Japanese Chin named Charlie.

Here are some neat news links to check out:

Dalmatian saved from icy water These rescuers deserve a big thanks, and warm holiday wishes for their efforts.

Officer and dog both fine after chase You have to be pretty desperate to think it's a good idea to kick a police K-9!

Dog in Germany gives birth to 17 puppies That's a lot of babies!

Injured dog's selflessness draws tears
This dog put her job as mother first, taking care of her new pups (and an adopted kitten) even though she was badly injured from a hit-and-run.

Only five more days until Christmas!


P.S. -- Here's a link to some information about a pet food recall. Kumpi has still never been subject to a recall.

Kroger recalls dog and cat food after contamination fears

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