Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What it is all about!

I'm in a Video Clip posting mood... Besides, I know that's what everyone wants to see anyway, forget my ramblings lol, here it is.

I've said it before but this clip is Daycare in a nutshell, or at least what we love about it, the dogs having a total blast! Gus (a Bichon Frise / Yorkshire Terrier Mix) is engaging in an epic Tug of war with Barkley the chocolate-colored Mini Poodle.

Take it easy,


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  1. Grant, thank you so much for posting the tug of war between Barkley and Gus! They sure look like they are having a blast. Barkley LOVES Fort Fido and I am eternally grateful for all you folks have taught both Barkley and me! How very fortunate we are to have such a wonderful group of professionals to guide us through the fun and challenging experience of puppyhood! Affectionately, Renee