Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 new pups ! ! !

Woo, what a morning... We had three assessments at Fort Fido today. Lucky for everyone they all turned out pretty darn good. Here was the lineup:

Sophie is a seven year old, 85 pound, Black and Tan German Shepherd. She headed to the Big Roll and did well. Sophie spoke "good dog" and had tons of energy for an older gal.

Charlie is a three year old, 15 pound, Bichon Frise. Charlie was sent upstairs to the Little Roll. He got right to work fitting in with the pack. Charlie was a happy, confident, all-around good dog.

The third assessment is another cutie named Charlie. This Charlie is a three month old, two and a half pound, Sable and White Japanese Chin. He is still just a baby, still learning the ropes but we already see a courageous personality emerging.

It was a good old eventful morning!

Take it easy,


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