Saturday, April 17, 2010

A few links

Here's an eclectic group of dog-related links for today!

I found a really neat article about how dog saliva is being used to investigate a possible cure for Cancer. Who knew that all those kisses could potentially be so helpful! Because dogs are one of only a few species that suffer from cancer, researchers think that examining dog DNA in their saliva could lead to some insights about the widespread disease.

Here's a link to a cute post about how the animal world is responding to Apple's latest product, the iPad. I think that the cat got the hang of it a lot faster than the dog did! ;-)

And lastly, the Eastern Regional division of the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge took place yesterday and today, in St. Petersburg, FL. While I don't know the results from this year yet, you can watch a few episodes from years past on Hulu. The Incredible Dog Challenge includes a variety of activities including Dog Diving, Freestyle Flying Disc, Agility Competition (small & large dog), Jack Russell Hurdle Racing and Weave Poles.

I'll end with a picture of Teddy, the Shih tzu/Dachshund mix, and Chloe, the Weimaraner, waiting for me to throw the ball.

Chloe was ready to go for it, even though she already had one in her mouth!

Have a great weekend-- it's not supposed to rain for the entire thing, lol.--


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