Friday, January 19, 2018

Abby, Oskar, & Agnes

Abby was our teeny tiny, cute little assessment from Thursday! She's only three months old, and has a lot of personality and spunk. Abby is a Shih Tzu that only weighs two pounds... We knew from the moment she entered our Small Dog Program, that she was going to make a great addition to The Fort. She had some pep in her step, as she playfully trotted over to Maisy; the first dog we introduced her to. Her tail was wagging up a storm! We were able to catch her Dog Speak on video, check her out below!

If your heart didn't melt from watching that video, these photos should do the trick!

We will be seeing Abby again for boarding next week! She's also going to come in certain days out of the month, to bring her in for some daycare fun, and socialization! We look forward to seeing her return.

This adorable Dachshund  was one of our assessments from today! He's six years old, weighs around nineteen pounds and joined our Small Dog Program. It was clear that this wasn't his first time at the rodeo... Oskar has had previous experience with being at other Daycares before. He was quick to explore our picnic table and scope out the place!

Agnes also assessed and joined our Small Dog Program today- as she's Oskar's younger sister... This little girl is only ten months old, and weighs a whole of six pounds! Can you guess what type of dog she is? Agnes is a Chinese Crested, having more hair than this breed typically does. She was a little nervous at first since she hasn't really had much interaction with dogs her size, besides her brother. As the morning progressed we noticed her opening up a bit, and start to gain confidence as she was greeting dogs by sniffing their butts. In the dog world, sniffing another dog's butt should be the first thing they do when they greet each other. It's how they pick up on scent the best, and remember who the dog is if they've met before. It's proper dog etiquette; just like shaking someones hand when you meet them for the first time, is expected.

All three of these dogs are welcome to come back for more Fort Fido fun, whenever they want.

Happy Friday all,

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