Monday, January 15, 2018

10 Strangest Looking Dog Breeds

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes... Have you ever wondered what the weirdest breeds may look like? Read today's blog to discover 10 dogs that look so strangely unique, that they're still cute!

Averaging over 30 inches tall, and containing the thickest dog fur in The World... These goofy guys can grow their fur up to 27 centimeters in length!

2)Bedlington Terrier
These Lamb-like dogs make great pets for people that have allergies... They're originally from Bedlington, England.

If you want a Jamaican style hippie dog, You'll probably love Puli's and all their dreads... Despite their crazy hair, they're actually from Hungary. Their primary role was herding livestock and their coats are virtually water resistant!

4)Russian Borzoi
These guys are very similar to Greyhounds in the aspect that they are agile, and quick on their feet! Borzois are great for chasing small animals and prey... They can be a bit stubborn and love to do their own thing, so make sure you have plenty of dog experience before adopting one.

5)Brussels Griffon
These little guys have always reminded me of little mini Ewoks from the movies, Star Wars! They're fierce and tend to dominate other dogs... How could such a tiny little thing, happen to be so sassy?!

Check out this next photo to see a couple of Brussels Griffons that are actually dressed 
up like Ewoks... See what I mean? --->

This breed is originally from Germany, and they were bred to hunt and kill rats. If you have a rat problem and a kitty that's not stepping up to the plate, this would be a great breed for you to check out.

7)Neapolitan Mastiff
Are you in search of a good dog breed that can keep you, and your family safe? Neapolitan Mastiffs make great guard dogs because they weigh upwards of over 130 pounds, on average!

8)Bergamasco Shepherd
Here's another shaggy dog you probably  didn't know existed... Although Bergamascos have really long, matted hair as adults, they're actually born with short, smooth hair. As they mature and get older, the fur tends to grow into long, knotted locks. Check out the photo below to see what one looks like, as a puppy.

9)Bull Terrier

You know that white dog that always appears in Target commercials? Well, that breed is in fact, a Bull Terrier! Bull Terrier's egg-shaped heads makes them look very odd/unique. Canadian Hockey fans should recognize this breed in an instant because hockey commentator, Don Cherry, had his dog "Blue" frequently appear on Hockey Nights.

10)French Bulldog
Did you know that this breed's original purpose was to attack and taunt Bulls, in a cruel spectator sport back in the day? Luckily that isn't a thing anymore- and these little guys actually make great loyal, friendly, pets who crave attention. Also, because of how slim their hips are, Frenchies unfortunately can't reproduce naturally. Typically, breeders must undertake artificial insemination of the female dogs.

I hope you enjoyed learning about this "different", and fun breeds...

Enjoy the rest of your day,

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