Monday, August 31, 2015

Dawson & Barkley

This morning we welcomed Dawson & Barkley. Dawson is a 9 year-old dachshund cutie (of course, having a dachshund myself I'm partial). He wandered into Fort Fido this morning with his tail up and sniffer sniffing. In typical dachshund fashion he entered the small roll fearlessly. I adored having Dawson here today.

Barkley is a charming 5 year-old Schnauzer mix. Barkley came into Fort Fido ready to meet some other pups. Soon after entering the small roll, Barkley introduced himself and became acquainted with the rest of the pack.

We look forward to seeing Dawson and Barkley return soon.
Have a nice day,
- Zach

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