Tuesday, December 3, 2013

- In memory of Athena -

Yesterday we received the very unfortunate news that, Athena, long time Fort Fido regular, passed away. Sadly, Athena had health issues from the very beginning of her life, which compounded as she got older. Despite this, she was one amazing and active dog that attended The Fort for many years. You would never know she had health issues if you met her.

Athena was a Great Dane, and a high-energy one at that! Having a large and fun-loving personality, she took on any and all canines that would befriend her. Some of her best buds were Finn and Theodore. Her play style was surprisingly fast furious, especially for being such a big girl. She loved coming to Doggie Daycare, and we are quite proud to have been a part of her life, and specifically, one of many parts that she truly enjoyed. Rest in peace friend,

-Grant, David, Nancy & all of the Fort Fido staff.

Please follow THIS LINK, then begin to scroll down (past this post), for pictures, video clips, and all blog posts related to Miss Athena. definitely check it out, there is some great stuff.

Also, as always, I like to post a link to The Rainbow Bridge Poem when these heart wrenching events occur. The poem can be appreciated by most, and helpful for some.

P.S. In other, not sad news, our Soggy Doggy Event is these evening. Be sure to swing by and say hello!

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