Thursday, December 26, 2013

News Worthy Pups!

Today, I wanted to share a few articles involving cool pups, and one to help you name those Christmas puppies.
First, A new program in Georgia uses dogs as therapy at Gwinnett jail
This article from The Blade is along the same lines. But instead of inmates in jail, this program is geared for at risk youth in the Toledo area.
If you are having trouble deciding what to name a new addition to the family, here's a list to help you pick from either the most popular, the least popular or somewhere in between! :)
Ever seen monkeys riding dogs, while chasing sheep around an NFL stadium? Not many of us can say yes to that question, but never fear loyal Fido followers! feast your eyes on the splendor of this .Gif!
thanks for tuning in, hope everyone had a great Christmas full of everything you wanted.
Check in soon for more updates
-Ryan W. 

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