Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Puperton & Roscoe

Meet Pupperton and Roscoe! They had their assessments yesterday. Pupperton is a five year old, seventeen pound, tan and white colored, Chihuahua. Roscoe is a one year old, twelve pound, brown and black colored, German Shepard/ Dachshund Mix.

Both Pupperton and Roscoe hung out in Fort Fido's Little Roll. It was a new experience for them, so they weren't exactly sure what to make of it all. All in all, they did just fine. Although there wasn't tons of play involved, they seemed to relax into the pack a bit as the morning progressed. Given time and consistency, we believe Pupperton and Roscoe will began to get much more out of The Fort. For now, these two cuties are welcome anytime. Good job boys, we'll see ya again soon!

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