Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lobby Petiquette

Checkout our new "Lobby Etiquette" signage. We put it up this last weekend, and it has some rather good tips for safety and control.

Here they are:


Do ask before approaching a dog.
Do keep your dog close by you at all times.
Do be mindful of your dog's conduct and whereabouts.
Do feel free to show us your dog's tricks for a treat.
Do remember that dogs are different "on leash".
Do remember to keep calm and use a mellow, "normal" voice when speaking to your or other customer's dogs.
Do lock your retractable leashes in order to maintain control.


Don't allow your dog to greet other dogs "on leash".
Don't allow your dog to make decisions - you are the one in charge.
Don't reward negative behavior.
Don't forget the power of the sit.

Thanks for studying on this stuff guys!

Take it easy,


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