Monday, November 11, 2013

Ginger, Piper and Vinnie

Today we have three new dogs for you guys to meet.

First up is Ginger, She is a 6 month old, 20lb, cream colored Labradoodle. She had her assessment on Saturday and did great. She was very friendly while meeting other dogs and had a wonderful time.
Next up is this 1 year old, 15lb, Sheltie named Vinnie. Vinnie is a great dog with a very relaxed personality. Vinnie enjoyed observing all the action in the medium roll today and although he didn't play a whole lot today, I'm sure after a few more days of daycare he will be playing hard with the rest of the pack.
And last but not least, we got to meet the adorable little sister of Riley. She is 4 month old, Papillon named Piper. Piper had her assessment this morning and did excellent. She was upstairs all morning and had an awesome time with her brother Riley and the whole pack.
Have a great week,


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  1. This has been great. I have been trying to find a doggy day care. Thanks for this.