Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet Jasmine

This morning we assessed Jasmine. She is a six month old, thirty-six pound, Brindle (with white socks and chest), Boxer. Jasmine was all about attending Fort Fido. The coolest part is that her litter-mate sister Stella already plays here daily! The two met with a fervor, instantly going into play. It was sure neat to see the sisters reunited. Like Stella, Jasmine spoke good dog, played hard and thoroughly enjoyed her stay. For now, both of these boxer gals hangout in the Medium Roll. In time, they will most likely transfer to the Big Roll. Excellent job Jasmine, we know we'll be seeing you soon.

We caught a clip of this morning's reunion:

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  1. Thanks for the welcome.. Excited to see Jasmine and her sis grow up together. :) I tagged your blog on my facebook page so that some friends can check out your site. Thanks again for the great welcome! We are excited to have Jasmine join the Fort Fido Pack.