Thursday, March 24, 2011

Benny & Leo

We had two assessments early this morning, litter mates, Benny and Leo. These two are super good looking, practically twins! Benny and Leo are twelve year old, chocolate brown, Cocker Spaniels. Benny is twenty-five pounds and has a milk chocolate colored coat. Leo is thirty pounds, he has a dark chocolate colored coat and a little patch of white on his chest.

This dandy duo was fit for the Medium Roll. They are happy little guys who are well adjusted and very social. Benny and Leo both played a little bit today and seemed to enjoy their time with the pack. Based on their energy levels, you would never guess that these two dogs were twelve years old... Five or six maybe, these are healthy dudes!

Hopefully Benny and Leo will be back at The Fort soon, they're most definitely welcome.

Take care,

P.S. My friend Bruce (fellow Bagpiper, Clan Gordon Pipe Band) sent me a link to a hilarious video. Check out TWO DOGS DINING for a good laugh.

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