Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just a heads up...

Our Basic Obedience and Leadership class featuring trainer Garrett Stevens starts tonight. The class is full!

Starting February 28th we will be having another three week Basic Obedience and Leadership class.

On Sunday March 6th, Fort Fido and Garret Stevens will be putting on a Calm and Balanced Seminar... It is very entertaining and informative. Garrett covers many things, especially how to communicate properly with your dog. He also does live demonstrations so bring your pet!

Many great doggie news articles were found today, take a look.

Winter jacket saves dog from owl

Dog scares away would-be robber

Mr. Peabody has a voice cast in the new Dreamworks film

Dog survives Brazil floods & stays by owner's grave for days

Mouth-to-snout resuscitation saves dog

New AKC National Champ is a Australian Shepherd

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