Thursday, January 20, 2011

- Baby Beija -

Beija has been coming to Fort Fido multiple days a week since the month we opened (September of 2006)! Four years! She loves coming to The Fort and has a blast in the Little Roll. She is one of our Little Roll Alpha Leaders. Beija (which means "kiss" in Portuguese) is a ravishing eight year old, eighteen pound, Boston Terrier... That doesn't look a day over four! She plays very well with all dogs and is quite the social butterfly. Her favorite game is tug of war and her favorite toy to play it with is the JW Invincible Rings. Keep up the good work here Beija, we love having you.

A special thank you goes out to Beija's owner Alisha. Thank you for being such a awesome customer over the years and supporting us!

Take care everyone,

P.S. You can see a few clips of Beija in action here and here.

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