Monday, May 24, 2010

Two new pups, no camera, doh!

We had two new dogs assess this morning. Unfortunately I forgot my camera in my Fiance's car, pics will be coming later this week.

The first canine was Darby. She is a seven month old, 55 pound, Golden Retriever. Darby did excellent, she started playing with members of the Medium Roll pack right off the bat! She is going to be tired after this 1/2 day.

Our second assessment was Samarah. She is a one year old, 12 pound Shih Tzu. She likes to play rough (in a good way) and went for some of the rowdiest that we have upstairs in the Little Roll. Apparently some of Sami's best buddies are big bruisers. She has a Mastiff friend and a Pitbull mix buddy! Nice job Sami!

All in all it's been a great morning... Minus forgetting that camera! Haha! :(

Take care


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