Friday, May 28, 2010


Yesterday morning a couple came into the fort after seeing our Great Dane Athena come in. They were debating about getting a Dane and wanted to see one in action... Funny, I just stumbled upon this article. The wife really wanted a big dog while the husband didn't want a "Pony" in the house lol. The only thing I can say is, big strong dogs aren't for everyone. For some, staying in control of a big pooch is quite difficult... Heck, staying in control of any pooch can be difficult. Another downside is health problems, unfortunately the larger breeds tend to have more. Definitely give yourself an honest assessment of your living situation and your limitations (physical & mental) before running with the Big Dogs! :)

Remember, we are closed this coming Monday, May 31st.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

P.S. More doggie surf comp photos can be found here (it starts off with some Zoo photos then turns to the doggie surfing). In other news, a renegade pup has finally been captured in Cali and if you are into the "Pitbull Debate" at all this may be of interest to you.

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