Monday, September 4, 2017

Riley and Braxton

Riley is a one hundred and eight pound lab mix, that's eight years old! He joined our Large Dog Program with a little bit of curiosity, and pep in his step! 

He may be an older dog- but that certainly doesn't slow him down. We had no worry that this guy would pass his assessment with flying colors, once we started picking up on his "Dog Speak"
Notice how he kept trying to Muzzle Punch Diego? The reason he was doing that is because he was trying to get his attention. He wanted to play and burn some energy! Near the end of the video, you'll also see Riley point his Behind towards Diego. In the Dog World, sniffing butts is the proper and expected way to greet one another. 

We not only got his "Dog Speak" on video, but we also got him playing with some of his new friends. 

Check him out!

We welcomed another Boxer to The Fort this morning as well, Braxton! This guy isn't too far behind Riley- he's only two years younger than him at six years old, and weighs 70 pounds.

He had an overall good day with us. We enjoyed watching him check out his new play area, as he was trying to discover what this place is all about. He mingled, sniffed some butts, and wagged his tail! With time, we can certainly see Braxton making lots of friends here. He seemed to get more and more comfortable with us, by the minute!

Both dogs can come back whenever they please.
Take care,

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