Monday, September 25, 2017

The Dashing Dalmatian

Dalmatians are such good-looking dogs; I wish we had more of these guys attending The Fort every now and then... They seem to be more rare, and not as common of a breed, as they used to be.

 It's hard to break down the origins of this breed because they're unknown; it's unclear when Dalmatians first came about. The only real information we have, is that they traveled with Gypsies from Romania. This magnificent breed earned its name while staying in Dalmatia: which is a Province, on the Eastern Shore of the Adriatic Sea.

On average, this breed stands between nineteen, and twenty four inches tall, and weighs anywhere from forty eight, to fifty five pounds. Males are typically larger.

These guys are natural born runners. They may look cute, but they're a very high-energy breed that needs lots of exercise. Make sure you're up for all the playing and commitment it's going to take to wore these guys out- before you purchase one. Other than being high energy, Dalmatians are often known as the "Comedian"  of the dog world; they'll do anything to put a smile on your face. Because they'll do almost anything to please you, Dalmatians make great "Watch Dogs", being as alert and aware of their surroundings, as they are. 

The distinctive coat on this magnificent breed is almost satisfying to touch- as it feels like velvet. Typically you see Dalmatians with a white undercoat, and black spots that range anywhere from a quarter, to a silver dollar in size. 

Did you know Dalmatians can have brown spots as well? 

Check out this video to see what I was talking about when I mentioned how comical this breed is. I now have a permanent smile on my face, after watching it!

Fun Facts
  • Dalmatians are born spotless! Their spots don't start coming in until around 10-14 days old.
  • Up to 12% of Dalmatians are Deaf
  • This breed can also be known as the Carriage Dog (probably because they traveled with Gypsy all over the place), or an English Coach Dog.
  • Dalmatians were bred to follow coaches and spent a lot of their time around stables in the past- so they get along really well with Horses, surprisingly! They're the perfect dog to get if you want to go trail riding with your pup, and horse at the same time.

I hope you learned a thing or two about this glorious breed... Try to stay warm tonight, I'd say it's almost fireplace season! 


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