Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Roxie, Charlie, and Zoey

Roxy was one of our assessments from yesterday morning. She's a four year old, twenty pound Dachshund mix! This high energy gal loved to frolic all around our Small Dog Program. She jumped from our bunch and picnic table numerous times; we even started introducing her to some balls. She has a lot of energy, but also has a very calm demeanor at the same time.

This is Charlie, he was our other assessment from yesterday. He weighs sixteen pounds, is six years old, and is a Lhasa Apso/ Yorkshire Terrier. This little guy was very happy-go-lucky, lively, and wagged his tail like there was no tomorrow. He loves people, that was definitely apparent- but he's content hanging out with his new dog friends as well.

Zoey was our assessment from today. She's a four year old, thirty eight pound English Springer Spaniel that has very expressive eyebrows. She joined our Medium Dog Program with grace and ease... She enjoyed being with the other dogs, and even got to hang out with another dog that looks exactly like her, Hank! Check out their selfie together

    See what I mean with the eyebrows? ;)

We are looking forward to seeing Roxie, Charlie, and Zoey soon.

Happy Wednesday, Shaunte'

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