Monday, August 14, 2017

Niah and Marley

Niah was our first assessment of the day! She's only four months old, and is a Miniature Australian Shepherd. She joined our Puppy Program with ease, and walked in like she owned the place. Her sniffer was working on overdrive as she jumped from our pic-nic table, to our bench, and all around her new play area. She was also miss "social butterfly" and made several new friends. She was particularly fond of another puppy whose pretty new to us, Frank. It was cool to see them interacting together, as they learn proper dog mingling-mannerisms. We were lucky enough to catch these two in action as well!

P.S., when it was time for her to return home from her assessment, we practically had to drag her out. She wanted to stay and continue to play. It made us chuckle, and happy to know she enjoyed her short time with us.

Marley was our other assessment from today. He's three years old, weighs eighty pounds, and is a Goldendoodle who joined our Large Dog Program. We noticed right away that this guy is well socialized. He didn't waste any time, and was quick to make new friends to start his day of play! 

Check him out, having a blast in this video... 

Both dogs are welcome to come back and play with their new buddies whenever they please!

Take care,

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