Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Chibs and Dutch

Chibs was yesterday's assessment. He's only seven months old, weighs forty pounds and is a Golden Retriever. He joined our Medium Dog Program with ease and really enjoyed himself as the morning progressed. We noticed that this little guy was a tad bit shy at first but with time around all the other dogs, he gained some confidence. We think Chibs will blossom into a wonderful daycare dog and make several friends the more he comes here...

Dutch joined our Medium Dog Program just like Chibs did. He's an adorable French Bulldog, that weighs twenty pounds and is only six months old. He still has some growing to do! Dutch is a ball of energy, has lots of personality, and is very spunky. He's a social butterfly, making friends with everyone! We were able to capture him being goofy and checking the place out below.

As you can see, Dutch was all over the place this morning...

We're looking forward to seeing Chibs and Dutch return for more fun with our Medium Dogs! Have a good day,


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