Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day Basket Giveaway

  Today was the day- we found out who the lucky winner was for our Valentines Day Basket giveaway...

 You're all probably wondering by now how many treats were in our container, so I'll go ahead and say it. 278 was the magic number! 
(P.S., don't feel bad if you're guess was far from that. When I initially told David my guess of 70 when he first asked me, he looked at me like I was silly! Guessing is not my forte; you aren't alone. Lol) 

  I must say, I loved how interactive the basket giveaway was this time around. We had lots of participants so that made it even more fun. Check out our lucky winner, Daisey, seeing all her new goodies for the first time in the video below.

This girl couldn't keep her nose away; she must have smelled some of the yummy treats in there! Just look at that tongue!

We can't wait to hear which toy is her favorite.

 As you can see, this girl was exceptionally excited when her dad Jacob, picked her up from daycare today. She could barely keep herself still! Check her out sneaking another peak below...


 Congratulations Daisey! Looks like you're going to be one busy gal; now that you have all these new toys to play with. 

Have a wonderful weekend,

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