Thursday, February 2, 2017

Basket #2!

 Alright, funny story time! Remember earlier this week when I blogged that we're doing another basket giveaway for February? 

 The basket to the left was supposed to be our first place winner's prize- but this is not the case anymore. 

 One of our long time customers loved the way we put this basket together, and even offered to buy it from us! He knows a special pup that would adore all the toys in it. After some debating as to what we should do, David and Nancy gave me permission to sell it to him!

 Don't fret though; we made the replacement basket even BIGGER, and BETTER. Check it out below...

 It turned out pretty dang glorious, I'd say.
There's some treats, wet dog food, a leash, a poop bag holder, and much more.

 Remember, don't forget to ask for a slip so you can cast your vote and be entered into the drawing.
Winners will be announced next Friday... Stay tuned and good luck!

I hope you all have a marvelous night and go to sleep happy, knowing that tomorrow is Friday. :) 

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