Monday, February 6, 2017

Snow Day Fun!!

Woohoo, yay for snow days! 

Personally, I was pretty excited when I woke up on Saturday morning, to see that the sky was overtaken by thousands of little intricate snowflakes. It made me smile from ear to ear; I enjoyed playing in it a bit on my days off as well...

Anyhow, I hope you all had a wonderful start to your week and stayed nice and dry wherever you were... Whether you had to go to work, or stay at home with the fam- since our weather was kind of crazy this morning.

The dogs that did make it to The Fort today, had a blast. They stayed nice 'n toasty, played to their hearts desires, and listened to Norah Jones with us. 

Check out some of the other pups who attend our Daycare, but didn't come today because they were too busy hamming it up in the snow...

Rogue loves to help
her momma make Snowmen!

 Hugo did his best at making a "Dog Angel"

Dempsey (in the front) and Rusty tagging along!

Mr. Max loves balls and snow... Put the two together and he's a happy dog!

Neo's first time in that cool white fluff, falling from the sky!

  Shadow and Chance spent most of the day playing in the yard with their human siblings!

 Kato and Katniss getting their paws wet on the fluffy snow.

 As you can see, the dogs certainly had a blast today;I'm sure they weren't the only ones too. Enjoy the rest of your evenings everyone. 


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