Monday, February 13, 2017

New Toy Shipment!

 It's that special time again; we got a new shipment of toys! Check out some of the goodies below... They're all bright and colorful to go along with Spring.

 David and Nancy also happened to find a really cool new toy display a while back. Introducing, the Slinger!

 It's like a Chuckit, but on steroids... It comes with a basic ball- but you can also buy other accessories along with it.

 Something I love about the design of this ball, is it allows your dog to breathe better. Instead of being completely closed off like a tennis ball, it's hollow in the middle.


Here's the other toys you can buy as an accessory to your Slinger...

Come on by and check them out in person before they'll all gone! :)

Have a good evening,


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