Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Neo and Finnley

  We welcomed this joyful pup into The Fort Tuesday morning. Neo is a three month old Siberian Husky that weighs only twenty six pounds! This young one is quite the little ball of energy! (As expected. Did you know some Huskies can pull over three times their weight?) Overall, Neo got along great with the rest of his new daycare buddies. He's very high spirited, curious, and bright. I love his super alert, well furred ears.

We were able to capture his playfulness on video, check him out below, playing with his new friends Hank and Frankie !

Today we had the pleasure of meeting Finnley! She's a two year old, fifty pound Field Lab. Finnley passed her assessment with flying colors. Even though we just met her, this isn't the first time we met her parents, David and Susi. We met those two years ago, when they brought in their other dog, Grady, around 2011. All in all, Finnley had a great first day and seemed to fit in with her brother's pals like she's known them for years.

Neo and Finnley are both welcome to come back whenever they want; we would love to see them return! Have a great night everyone,

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