Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Lilo & Sadie

Yesterday we welcomed this little cutie into our Small Dog Program. She's a five month old, seven pound  Maltipoo with a whole lot of cuteness to pass around! Lilo had a lot of fun exploring her new hang out area. She curiously went around, sniffing all the fun toys we have up there for them! It was adorable to watch.

 Sadie was today's assessment. She's a one year old Mix that weighs fifty pounds. Sadie started off with a rough life; she was found behind a car dealership and was so under-malnourished that she looked incredibly old.

It wasn't until after she was rescued and cleaned up, that they realized how young she is! 

I'd say this girl is one lucky pup! Starting off on the streets and now has an amazing home with owners who care for her, and want to get her socialized! 

Sadie passed her assessment with flying colors and even made some new friends: Scandi and Abby.

Both Lilo and Sadie are welcome to return for more daycare fun whenever they please!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday,

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