Wednesday, November 16, 2016


  We welcomed Marcel into our Medium Dog Program yesterday morning. He's a three month old, forty pound Doberman Pinscher.

 Marcel was recommended to The Fort through one of our long time customers, Zeus, whose been coming here since 2012! 
I was able to capture a couple photos of the two together. All in all, he had a wonderful first day. He's a smart young pup with a beautiful shiny coat, and lots of energy to burn!  Marcel's first friend was Neo, an adorable Siberian Husky  that joined us not too long ago. We were able to catch a video of the two playing. Feel free to check it out below!


  Marcel had such a great time with us, that he decided to come back for more daycare fun today! Initially, he started out with the "medium" dogs but we decided to graduate him to our Large Dog Program today.

Guess what type of dog he bonded to in that program? Another Husky. I don't blame him though; he sure has some good taste! 

Here he is, playing with Rogue!

As you can see, this little guy is quite the social butterfly. I was lucky enough to get quite a bit of photos of him in action too.

 We look forward to watching Marcel blossom and grow with us. 

Have a marvelous evening everyone, try to stay warm! We're starting to get that winter chill...


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