Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sebacion, Angus, & Charolett

Sebacion came in happy as can be. He is a 6.5 year-old, 110 lbs., Dogue de Bordeaux. We saw some great socialization along with "dog speak" and we were able to catch a video of this fun guy playing with Daisey & Beckett (See below).

We had the pleasure of meeting the Angus & Charolett duo! Angus is a 17 week-old, 27 lbs., chocolate lab. He joined the pack in medium roll where he mingled about with the others. Charolett is a 12 week-old, 7 lbs., Pomsky (Pomeranian & Husky mix). She began in the small roll today and socialized with the other small pups.

We hope to see them all return soon,
- Zach

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