Monday, January 18, 2016

Mabel, Charlie, & Millie

Today we welcomed Mabel, she is a 4 month-old Standard Poodle mix. Mabel looked like she was excited to be learning about the Fort as she spent her time here. Mabel rocked out her day in the medium roll and we caught a video of Mabel and Georgie playing together, check it out below!

Charlie joined us last week. He is a 1 1/2 year-old, 15 lbs., mini Schnauzer. Don't let his looks tease you, he will grow into an even more handsome dog. Carlie presented himself well with the small roll pups. He entered with confidence while enjoying his time mingling and socializing with the others.
Like Charlie, Millie also joined us last week. Millie is a 2 year-old, 17 lbs., Scnoodle. Millie strolled right into Fort Fido and worked her way into the small roll. Millie relished in the time that she spent here and made lots of friends. With the others, she sat on a new bench installed just for the small pups. Take a peek below to see Millie, Adeline, Maisy, & Buzzette together.

We are looking forward to seeing Mabel, Charlie, and Millie all return for a lot more fun.
- Zach

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