Thursday, October 17, 2013

-Salutiferous Stasha-

We were delighted to assess the ever-so-clever "Stasha" this morning. She is a rowdy, five month old, thirty-five pound, Siberian Husky. Miss Stasha stayed with us in our Medium Roll. At this time, the Medium Roll, is flush with young, high-energy, and good-time having canines. So for the time being, the Medium Roll is extremely fitting for Stasha. She truly loved her stay here at The Fort today, and got a lot out of it! The bright and striking Stasha, played hard with many different pack members. Taking a rather special liking to Sierra, Chance, and Shadow, among others. Stasha is welcome to attend Fort Fido anytime. We hope to visit with her again soon! The clips that follow, show a bit of Stasha in her element.

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