Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Fort's Collar & Leash Rule

At Fort Fido, we have several Policies, all of which can be found here. We have these Policies for the health and safety of our staff, you our customers, and, most importantly, the canines we take care of around the clock. There are some other Policies we have, that ensure our business runs smoothly and efficiently.

The main "policy" I'd like to address today, is our Collar and Leash Rule. Many may not be aware of it, because it is only ever enforced when we have a "problem". It is as follows:

In order to assure safe and timely transitions into and out of the play areas, all dogs attending Fort Fido must be wearing a quick-release collar and leash only.

The point here being, ONLY, "wearing a quick-release collar and leash ONLY". What we mean by "quick-release" is any collar that has the device which snaps together, and looks like this:

(Luckily, these babies are everywhere, and we just so happen to carry the full line of Lupine collars.)

With this setup, we can truly get our dogs into the play areas quickly and safely. This is key for many reasons. One being that, unfortunately, many good dogs suffer from "leash aggression"... AKA, they are perfectly fine and social "off leash" with other dogs, but not while on leash! Often times dogs aren't able to meet and greet each other "naturally", due to being on a leash. Minimizing the time dogs stay attached to a collar and leash, can be crucial for safety.

Again with this setup (shown above), we can get your canine companion out of the play areas, and into your arms, quickly and safely. Most of our dogs get quite amped up at "pickup time". The slightest jingle of their gear, alerts them that it is time to go home. Many dogs here are agile, fast, and powerful. Using a quick-release collar, we can snap it together around a dog's neck easily, making our transition to the lobby in a safe and timely fashion... Without the need to "wrestle" a dog into a harness, or other multiple collar setups.

Now, there are an infinite number of collars, leashes, and harnesses out there. From "gentle leaders" and "haltis", to "choke-chains", "pinch collars", "slip-leads", "body harnesses", "seat belts", "sporn harnesses", etc... The list truly goes on and on. We love folks to have control over their animal at all times, and many of the products mentioned aid in control, however, sometimes they can be quite a nuisance for our handlers at The Fort. At times, they can even be the opposite of "control and safety". Take harnesses for example, most, actually make it easier for a dog to pull you! All of that gear can take a lot of time to get on, which can slow our whole operation down, and have you waiting around the lobby for far too long... When I know you are tired from work, and want to go home lol, that's no good! Control is nice, but you don't have far to go. A long walk is one thing, ten feet to the car is another. Simplify those dog control accessories! Don't be shy, use your body, find your voice, and control your animal. You can do it without a bunch of crazy gadgetry, I know you can.

Many of us here pride ourselves in being able to get on almost any dog's "setup" quickly and easily, but at times it is quite difficult. Sometimes, putting on a new style of harness, can be very tricky when you are "under the gun", with several customers in line to pick up their pets. Especially if you are a new employee! Even a "seasoned pro" like myself, can get frustrated attempting to get a very excited canine friend, into their fine array of three collars, harness, bandanna, and lead hahaha.

Mainly, we do not want to upset anybody when we do fail at getting a dog's gear on correctly. Believe it or not, a few people have gotten surprisingly upset, when their pooch comes out with his or her harness half off, on backwards, or missing it's second collar. Realistically, we just don't have time for a "How to do it right" lesson, in our busy lobby. I don't mean to sound crass, but we especially don't have time for it, given the fact that one isn't supposed to be bringing in their dog with different gear on in the first place.

So please, if you aren't "following the rules", bear with us, or you'll be asked to bring in your dog on a quick-release collar and leash, ONLY! Muhahaha!

Thanks for reading and understanding this. Everyone "going with the flow" is much appreciated. We thank each and every one of you for your business, your support, your patience, and for "following the rules" lol!!


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