Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We are back!

I hope your Memorial Day Weekend was superb, the Fort Fido crew was happy to have a well-deserved extra day off ;). Again, a big thank you goes out to all who have served!

We have a new stock of Antler Chews in, three sizes to choose from now. A new shipment of Bully Sticks should be in shortly.

The dogs were rip-roarin' today, that is usually the case after a long holiday break hehehe. The pack managed to disperse it's energy nicely though and things are finally winding down. It was a good day back for everyone.

Basic Obedience and Leadership Class starts tonight at 7:15 PM, the class is full, don't be late! Be on the lookout for future group training class and seminar dates.

I'll leave you with some articles and a taste of today's action.

For working dogs, retirement can be a challenge

Man: Dog protected wife during tornado

New environments for older pets

Take it easy,


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