Saturday, May 28, 2011

Showbiz or bust?

Small dog owners-- do you think your pup has what it takes to be a star? Studio East is holding open auditions on Saturday, June 11th for two dogs to be cast as Toto in the upcoming Summer Teen Musical production of The Wizard of Oz. There is a registration fee of $20 for the audition, which goes to help support the Seattle Humane Society.

The requirements are that the dog be:
• Under 18 pounds
• Able to follow hand signals (not voice) by the handler offstage or actor on stage to sit, stay, come, run across stage
• Willing to be carried in a basket
• Not be frightened or distracted by live music, audience responses and clapping, or actors moving on stage
• Available to perform in four performances and in rehearsals for five nights (July 25-29) prior to Opening Night

Follow the link in the first paragraph to get more information about how to audition.

In other news-- a dog in China has served as a surrogate mother to two rare "Liger" (Lion-Tiger hybrid) pups.

We often remark that we can see a puppy growing "right before our eyes," but this is a much more literal example! This puppy's owner took pictures of his pup Dunder from 8 weeks old to one year old, and put together this neat time-lapse video.

Doesn't it feel like they grow up so fast? If you are interested in seeing more, search for "dog time lapse" on YouTube. There are a lot of similar videos to check out.

I know that we've posted a few of these, but here's another nice story about military canine units.

Well, that's all for now! We'll see you back here on Tuesday--Fort Fido is closed on Monday the 30th for Memorial Day. Enjoy the long weekend, it just might be a sunny one!


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